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Colorado Raw Milk Dairy Back In Business (Almost)

The Great Raw Milk Debate is still raging on!

This morning, NPR's April Fulton reported on both sides:

On the one hand, some enthusiasts find it strange that raw milk is illegal in many states, yet anyone over age 18 can by a carton of cigarettes. On the other, public health officials keep pointing to frequent outbreaks due to consumption of raw milk.

Listen: Earth Eats talks with Marion Nestle about raw milk.

Meanwhile In Colorado...

Billy Goat Dairy, a goat farm near Boulder, Colorado, has been given the official green light to recommence its distribution of unpasteurized, raw goat milk.

The stoppage came from a string of E. coli and Campylobacter outbreaks last month that were linked to the farm. The Boulder County Public Health issued farm owner Bill Campbell a list of steps to complete before reopening.

Campbell made the appropriate changes, and went even farther to protect his customers by sending some samples to independent laboratories to test their safety. He is still waiting on the final test results before he resumes his raw milk distribution.

Retail sale of raw milk is illegal in the state of Colorado, but those who wish to consume it can buy shares in a cow or goat in exchange for a regular supply.

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