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Rain Rain Come Again: Hydroponics, Tilapia, Rain Barrels

rain gutters

A huge advantage of having the rain barrels is it takes me five minutes to water all the gardens in the morning, and as a grad student with a busy schedule, that's a huge advantage!

That's Steven Janowiecki. His elaborate garden just off downtown Bloomington is connected to a series of pipes leading to several rain barrels. He shows us how they work in the first half of the show.

Before that, farmers are experimenting with growing crops using less water and no soil. Hilary Stohs-Krause of Harvest Public Media brings us that story about hydroponics.

Our other water-related segment today is with Chef Daniel Orr where he makes some tasty tilapia tacos. Then, he puts a local and seasonal spin on a Japanese favorite -- tempura.

Finally, Dr. Drew Ramsey is back to talk about what foods help us concentrate and what foods decrease anxiety.

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