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Queen Bee Microbiome, Yams, Resistance To Organic Checkoff

A better understanding of how microbes are contributing to the health of the bee will help us to understand how we can make a more healthy bee, not just in terms of probiotics, but in terms of management.

Irene Newton is an assistant professor of biology at Indiana University and the co-author of a new study that is the first to look at the bacterial makeup of queen bees' guts. She'll walk us through the research in today's show.

Organic farmers disagree on how to market their products, specifically who should be paying for promotional campaigns.

Harvest Public Media also takes us inside the economics of the pork industry.

Last week we talked about Indian food with author Colleen Taylor Sen. She's back today to tell what to expect when we order a curry from a restaurant.

And, a vegetarian dish with Chef Daniel Orr. Coconut milk, curry powder, cilantro and yams.

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