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Potatoes 3 Ways: Bubble & Squeak, Stoemp, Simply Smashed

Bubble & Squeak and Stoemp

Simply Smashed Fried Potatoes

One of the easiest ways to cook boiled Yukon Golds is to smash them down. Then, sauté them or deep fry them, and top with seasonings of your choice. You could also roast them with some rosemary and garlic, but they're really good deep fried.


This is a traditional dish from Belgium that is usually served with Waterzooi, which is a stew with lots of vegetables and either fish or chicken.

Mash together some boiled carrots with the boiled Yukon Gold potatoes. Add a couple pats of butter, salt and pepper, and serve. Simple!

Bubble & Squeak

This British dish gets its name from the sounds the cabbage makes as it cooks in the pan. But we're using Brussels sprouts today instead of cabbage as per some of our listeners' requests for interesting recipes using Brussels sprouts.

To begin, slice and steam the Brussels sprouts. Then, add them and the potatoes and season with salt and pepper. Toss all that into a hot pan with butter, bacon fat, and olive oil. Listen for the squeak! Once the sprouts and the potatoes brown slightly, they are ready to serve.

"There's nothing more late-wintry than that," exclaims Chef Orr.

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