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Pollinators, Art With Strawberry Plants, Vegan Cinco De Mayo

marshall strawberry plants

We're trying to create an ecosystem that is complete, that has everything that birds and bees and people would want. Having a food source and water and shelter is like, that's what makes me want to go places!

That's Amy Countryman, a member of the board of director for the Bloomington Community Orchard. She's one of several volunteers getting her hands dirty building beehives and birdhouses. We find out why birds and bees are so important to the health of an orchard.

Harvest Public Media addresses a hot button issue these days -- the labeling of foods containing GMOs.

I visit artist and Marshall strawberry enthusiast Leah Gauthier in her studio, where she marries her artistic and foodie lives.

And in the kitchen, Chef Daniel Orr looks ahead of Cinco de Mayo with three vegan recipes.

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