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Polenta With Brussels Sprouts

polenta with brussels sprouts

We’re going to turn everyone into a Brussels sprouts lover today!

This recipe starts off with the blanching of the Brussels sprouts. (Keep them a bit crunchy because we are going to cook them again later on.) I like them just like this. They’re almost like a crudités vegetable. You could eat them cold and dip them into a blue cheese dip. Delicious!

But this dish is really about the polenta. When cooking the polenta discs in the pan, don't fiddle with them too much! We want to develop a nice crust on both sides, and just like cooking mushrooms, this means putting them in the pan and leaving them alone. You'll know they need to be flipped to the other side when they can move freely in the pan.

Now to prepare a plate. Surround a couple discs of polenta with a half dozen Brussels sprouts. Cover the discs with a couple slices of taleggio cheese and decorate the plate with red pepper coulis and some fresh herbs.

Taleggio is like a super stinky brie. I love it, but I don't always find it in the Midwest. When I saw it in the cheese aisle the other day, I knew I wanted to share it with everyone here at Earth Eats!

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