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Pita For Lunch, Traveling Vegan Cook, Saving The Butterflies

Veganism gets a reputation for being exclusive, but really, barring allergies, anybody can eat it. And it should be very welcoming, so that's my attitude about it.

Joshua Ploeg travels around the country cooking pay-what-you-can vegan feasts in people's homes. Come with us to one of his pop-up dinner parties today.

Harvest Public Media looks at why researchers are modifying Monsanto's genetically engineered soybean.

Then, red onions, some fresh herbs and lemon juice. Daniel Orr's Turkish salad is a versatile condiment.

A report estimates there's been an 81 percent decline in the monarch butterfly population in the Midwest between 1999 and 2010. We'll hear about efforts to save the butterflies.

And, shop like a chef with Clara Moore.

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