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Poached Pears, Pickled Peppers And Homebrewing

Verbena Poached Pears

Celebrating All Things Fall

When it comes to selling produce, farmers have a few options. There are grocery stores, then there are farmers markets. But road bikes are the preferred form of travel and mode of commerce for the operators of Quail Bone Farm in Columbia, Missouri. The folks at Harvest Public Media go inside their world: a night peddling freshly picked vegetables on the streets.

Looking at the amazing garden at Chef Daniel Orr's house in Columbus, Indiana makes me think that he never has to buy food from local farmers because he grows so much of his own. Fittingly, we're standing in his garden collecting ingredients for the Verbena Poached Pears With Blackberries. First things first, shake the pear tree.

The DIY culture surrounding the local food movement isn't limited to just gardening, cooking and food preservation. Home brewing has become a popular hobby for folks who both love beer and who are invested in executing what amounts to a rather elaborate science experiment. Josephine McRobbie visits with a couple home brewers at the UpCup Homebrew Competition in Bloomington, Indiana.

Beer takes an awfully long time to develop its flavor. The same thing is true with this next recipe, but just like great homebrew, it's worth the wait. With the Pickled Pepper Relish, you can enjoy the color and flavor -- and heat -- of the summer harvest into the winter months.

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