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Panera Cuts 'Fake Food' From Its Menu

Gone are unpronounceable ingredients and artificial colors from Panera's menu, the company announced Monday.

Panera Bread joins Chipotle, McDonald's, Pepsi and several other businesses in paring back ingredients.

The list includes over 150 items that will be removed by 2016, like artificial colors and flavors, different sweeteners, and meat treated with antibiotics.

CEO Ron Shaich explained the decision to clean up Panera's menu by serving food he would serve to his own family.

Food policy experts are divided on Panera's announcement.

Some, like New York University professor Marion Nestle, applaud Panera, while others, like Michael Jacobson, executive director for the Center for Science in the Public Interest, question the motives.

Jacobson argues companies should focus more on refined white flour and high calorie counts.

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