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NYC Bans Big Sodas

big soda cup

Putting The Cap On Soda

New York City's Board of Health has voted to approve Mayor Michael Bloomberg's proposed ban on oversized sugary beverages sold at restaurants, theaters and sporting concessions. 16 ounces is the new limit for sodas sold at these food vendors.

Convenience stores and groceries will not be included in the ban, meaning 2-liters and Big Gulps will not be affected.


Advocates praise the decision, hailing it a cultural shift similar to banning smoking in restaurants and bars.

Mayor Bloomberg hopes the ban will help reverse the city's obesity problem. Weight Watchers president David Burwick agrees, saying the lowered serving size will help people make the healthy choice in a day when "supersize" reigns.

However, opponents accuse New York City of "nannying." AMC Theatres' spokesperson Sun Dee Larson questions the target of the ban, as New Yorkers purchase concessions from movie theaters relatively infrequently but can still purchase sodas of varying sizes from a convenience store.

The ban will not affect low-calorie or diet beverages or alcoholic beverages.

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