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Mindful Moments Started 36 Years Ago For National Food Day


Today is National Food Day -- but did you know the first one was 36 years ago?

National Food Day started in 1975. Hoping it could continue in momentum similar to Earth Day, Food Day was concerned with rising costs, world hunger and the increasingly poor American diet.

Just because National Food Day fizzled out in 1977, after only two years, doesn't mean the new national day will be weak. Nearly two thousand known events are planned across the country, including materials for teachers, recipes and potlucks.

The variety of events are promising for Food Day -- the National Archives in Washington, D.C. are showcasing documents related to the history of food policy, and schools in Bentonville, Arkansas are having special classes about food.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest threw time and money behind the effort with the hope of spreading awareness of "farm to fork."

Success with Slow Food, the locavore movement and organic foods also bode well for National Food Day. Maybe this time the recognition will stick.

How are you and your community celebrating National Food Day? Share below!

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