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Michelle Obama: "Let's Move" On Healthier Lifestyles For American Kids

Early on in the Obama presidency, First Lady Michelle Obama adopted health and food initiatives as among her top priorities.

Now, the First Lady has expanded her efforts (as popularly exemplified by the White House organic garden) by proposing another initiative to encourage healthy eating.

Let's Move Campaign

On Tuesday, Michelle Obama launched her "Let's Move" campaign which aims to combat the child obesity epidemic that plagues our country.

The obesity epidemic in America stand in sharp contrast to a global environment where, according to the World Health Organization, an estimated 112 million children are underweight and where more than one-third of child deaths is caused by undernutrition.

Compare these figures with the staggering statistic that the number of American children who are overweight has tripled since 1980.

America's weight problem poses numerous problems; not only for our bodies, but also to our already over-taxed health care system, another issue presently on the minds of many Americans.

The Obama administration has even linked obesity to another national concern: our national security. Overweight people can't go to war, according to the White House. So, what does Mrs. Obama plan to do about it?

What's Next?

Michelle Obama is confronting issues that she believes are at the source of the childhood obesity problem: support and education (or lack thereof) for American families on issues such as nutrition, improving the quality of food offered in public schools, and encouraging more physical activity among youth, especially in the form of sports.

The "Let's Move" campaign is a collaborative effort among many major forces who determine what and how American children are eating. In a memorandum signed on Tuesday, President Obama, with Michelle at his side, secured relationships with food industry executives, the American Association of Pediatricians and beverage manufacturers.

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