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Meet A Farmer: Josh Milligan, Schacht Farms

Schacht Farms, items for sale

Egg Heads

Schacht Farms sells pork, chicken and beef to customers at the Winter Farmers Market in Bloomington, Indiana. But according to Josh Milligan, it's the eggs that keeps customers coming back for more -- they sell upwards of 50 cartons of eggs per week.

"Ever since that salmonella scare from a couple years ago," he says, "people have really been looking to buy local eggs."

Like many farmers in Indiana, they are enjoying the benefits of a mild winter this year: the chickens are eating less and producing more.

Slow Cooked Dinner

The blackboard behind the table shows the many cuts of meat available for purchase today. Milligan suggests their boneless pork shoulder roast.

He says you can put the frozen meat in a crock pot with potatoes, onions and carrots. "Everyone will be super impressed because it looks like you slaved away, but really you put it in a crock pot and walked away."

Life On The Farm

Taped to the center of the board is a photo of six of their Tamworth Black pigs:

It's neat to see where the animals come from and to know that they aren't in cages. They're out in the grass all their lives. They're living as naturally as possible. It gives us a good feeling that we can show people what we're about.

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