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Meaty Three-Bean Chili

Meaty Three-Bean Chili

I live in a very wooded area so that means that this time of year we are raking every spare moment we have at home. We often enlist the help of friends and family to help us and I bribe them with a nice, warm dinner.

I make chili often but I never seem to make it the same way twice. I experiment with flavors, the spice level and different meats. Every cook has their own 'secret' recipe and mine is not a secret but it is somewhat of a mystery.

It seems I never measure the ingredients and I have never written it down. So this time I was careful to make note of it all just to be sure.

Next time we have a nice warm weekend and I invite you over with the caveat that you wear old clothes, it would be safe to assume that you will be put to work. I will feed you well, though!

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