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Maureen Ogle, Feed The Future, Kohlrabi With Papaya


Right off the bat what I figured out -- and it kind of ended up shaping the whole book -- was, wow, when it comes to meat, Americans have an extraordinary sense of entitlement.

Maureen Ogle researched the history of meat production in the U.S. for her book In Meat We Trust. Little did she know it would put her in the middle of the food debate. She gives us some historical perspective on why we consider meat a necessity in this country.

American universities are joining the fight against worldwide hunger and poverty, a story from Harvest Public Media.

Philip Ackerman-Leist describes the difference between organically- and conventionally-cultivated soil.

Mutton busting -- it's like bull riding for kids. Luke Runyon introduces us to a 6-year-old participant at a Colorado rodeo.

Then, our recipe from Daniel Orr that pairs kohlrabi with some tropical flavors.

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