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Magic Of Cider, Art Of Coffee Roasting, Season Of Paw Paws

paw paws

When you looked at the barn, you'd see a barn full of all these containers full of different kinds of cider. The magic is figuring out how to blend them together to make one that's really, has all the different taste qualities.

A little acid, some sweetness and a taste of tannins. Maria Kennedy studies cider making in England and she speaks with us today.

A recipe using apples with Chef Daniel Orr, but the star of the show is actually the paw paws.

Climate change is making growing food on a small-scale difficult in some parts of the country, that's a story from Harvest Public Media.

And roasting coffee beans is just like any craft… The more care you take, the better the end result. We visit a local roaster to see how it's done.

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