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Local Chicks Are Tasty Chicks: Backyard Birds, Chicken Stock

holding backyard chicken

We got into it primarily from a pet standpoint because my daughter was interested in that, but as a family we were interested in sustainability and gardening and producing our own food.

So Aleisha Kropf started a small chicken flock in her backyard in Bloomington, Indiana. She will be joined by two other backyard chicken farmers, Jana Wilson and Tom Berich, for part one of our roundtable discussion where they answer your questions.

The second half of the program keeps the chicken theme going as Chef Daniel Orr throws together a stock using leftover chicken bones and some veggie scraps.

Bethia Woolf of Columbus Food Adventures introduces us to a vendor who's dedicated to providing fresh, local chickens to Columbus, Ohio customers.

And before that, Camille Phillips of Harvest Public Media describes how the Midwest is trying to tap into the "agritourism" market.

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