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Liver & Onions Tacos

Liver and Onion Tacos

Liver and onions is one of my favorite dishes, but for a lot of people, it's not at all appetizing. Today, I hope to change your mind about liver. We're going to cook it right -- very simply.

I'm using local lamb livers from our friends at Fiedler Farms. Since the animals were treated well, I won't be cooking the livers all the way through. Stop at medium so the livers are still nice and pink in the middle and very moist.

My best advice for this dish -- and for all your home cooking -- is to cook over high heat. The sear gives your food a great flavor, and your food won't stick to it. But be careful to not heat the oil to the point where it smokes. That means the oil has broken down and is indigestible.

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