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Letters From Taipei: Vegetarian Buffets

taiwan vegetarian buffet with tongs

Food is only one part of a culture and its traditions, but since everyone eats, it's considered by some to be one of the most important parts. Food is more than what we eat to survive; it has meaning too. Ask someone what they ate for lunch, and you already know a lot about them.

Lots Of Reasons

In the US, vegetarians choose not to eat meat for a range of religious, economical, humane and ecological reasons. It's the same in Taiwan, and there are a lot vegetarian restaurants here, many of them Buddhist.

I know right away when a see a sign with "ç´ åº—", I am in the right place. And if there's a Buddhist symbol posted, I not only know I'm going to get wonderful vegetarian cuisine but that I'm also going to see a small altar somewhere in the restaurant and hear Buddhist chants playing softly in the background. It's truly a complete experience.

The Protocol

When walking into a vegetarian buffet, you grab either a to-go box or a plate and tongs (like at the bakery). You then peruse a massive variety of food, picking and choosing how to fill your plate. When you're finished, or there's no more room on your plate, the cashier will weigh it and charge you.

I have never paid more than $6 for myself and my son together.

Can't beat that.

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