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From Layers To Stewing Hens, Starting A Home Food Business

kissing chickens

We just want their lives to be as productive as possible, and they have been as hens, and so in turn we still see them as a food source and want that to be used, so.

Mandy Napier of Schacht Farms donated her three-year-old laying hens to a local hunger organization. We follow the chickens' journey from the farm to the shelves of Mother Hubbard's Cupboard. Then we have a recipe for chicken stock that would be perfect to use with a stewing hen.

Improving soil quality should be a top priority according to some experts. Harvest Public Media looks at a technique that helps the soil and doesn't hurt a farm's bottom line.

Author Mimi Shortland-Fix gives advice for bakers looking to start a home-based business.

And in the kitchen, we make a colorful salad using Christmas-colored produce.

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