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The Latest Deep-Fried Delicacy: Girl Scout Cookies

girl scout cookies

Heat Up The Oil

The Indiana State Fair gets underway this week. In addition to the animals, concerts and rides, there are always plenty of unique food items to sample -- many of which are deep-fried.

"At the fair, it's okay to deep-fry anything," says Andy Klotz, Public Relations Director at the Indiana State Fair.

The menu of deep-fried items at this year's fair include Snickers, Kool-Aid, M&Ms, bubble gum and the perennial favorite deep-fried Twinkies. "Many of these things don't seem right, but people apparently have a lot of fun trying them," he says.

Fry Up Some Cookies

This is the first year visitors will be able to purchase deep-fried Girl Scout Cookies. It's part of the organization's celebration for its 100-year anniversary.

"Girl Scout Cookies are a no-brainer. (Samoas) taste terrific deep-fried," says Deana Potter, Director of Communications for Girl Scouts of Central Indiana.

Their partner organization, North American Midway Entertainment, experimented with deep-frying Thin Mints and Tagalongs, but Samoas were the only cookies to make the cut.

The Girl Scouts is providing over 22,000 cookies for deep-frying.

Take A Break From The Diet

Potter and Klotz agree that the cookies aren't the healthiest option, but moderation is key.

"It's their one time to get off the diet and off the plan, and enjoy some things that they know aren't the healthiest for them but are lots of fun to eat," says Klotz.

Potter encourages visitors to balance eating with exercise. "Try an order of deep-fried Girl Scout cookies, split them with your family, and then go take a walk around the Indiana State Fair. You're going to burn off those calories from the cookies."

An order of five deep-fried Samoas at the Indiana State Fair will cost you $5.00.

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