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VIDEO: First Lady Answers Americans' Questions in Live Video Chat

First Lady Michelle Obama hosted her first live web chat on Tuesday to answer questions about her Let's Move campaign.

Many of the questions were solicited from the Let's Move Facebook fan page and AOL Health, while some where submitted live.

Watch the entire 29-minute web chat here, or go to to skip to video clips of the questions that interest you.

Here are a few of the questions Mrs. Obama addressed:

  • What advice can you give parents who both work, barely have time to clean their homes or cook healthy meals, and have limited time for outdoor activities with our kids?
  • Physical education is often looked at with dread by some students. Is there a way to change this?
  • Are there plans to implement new laws or tax breaks for companies to increase accessibility to affordable organic food in more cities?

The campaign for Let's Move is not about how our kids look. It's not about vanity or ego. It's really about how kids feel and it's about their health.

-- First Lady Michelle Obama

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