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Kraft 'Cheese Product' First To Receive Kids Eat Right Label

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics awarded its first "Kids Eat Right" label to Kraft Singles.

Cheese "Product"

That's right, the cheese "product" that can't be called "pasteurized process cheese food" due to inclusion of milk protein concentrate.

Kraft Singles are considered "American" cheese, and they're now labeled as "pasteurized prepared cheese product."

How they ended up with the endorsement of a major trade group is about as confusing as the difference between process cheese food and prepared cheese product.

Eating Right?

The academy's executive director denied the presence of the label meant the academy was endorsing the product. The label was meant to create awareness of Kids Eat Right. So Kraft is, in effect, endorsing the academy, not the academy endorsing Kraft.

Kraft -- and consumers -- see it differently. Kraft told the New York Times it was the first time the academy had endorsed a product. And, studies have backed up how confused parents are when it comes to healthy marketing to their kids.

Kraft Singles do contain calcium and vitamin D -- both important for growing children.

Growing Concerns For Kraft

But, bad new for Kraft this week. 6.5 million boxes of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese have been recalled for small pieces of metal.

Kraft cleaned house at its executive level after a disappointing financial year in 2014.

The company could be hoping the "Kids Eat Right" label will turn favor.

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