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Kale Chips And Hot Chocolate, Carbon Cycle, Kids Get Cooking

I think all parents are always dealing with kids not wanting to eat things, and a great way to get them to get over their aversions is to get them to understand food and to taste the food and to get in the kitchen and prepare all sorts of things.

Sarah Elton has written a book about kids and food. She tells us what happened when she sat back and let her daughter prepare sushi.

More young people in the kitchen today, with Staci Radford-Vincent and her son Forrest.

Who doesn't love a warm cup of hot chocolate? Chef Daniel Orr makes us a Caribbean-inspired drink.

Equally spicy and flavorful are his kale chips that are being popped into the oven today.

Harvest Public Media takes a closer look at the role the Corn Belt is playing in the carbon cycle.

And, early spring is on the horizon. We're already starting to think about tapping maple trees, with Mike Bell.

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