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KFC Sues Chinese Companies Over Social Media Rumors

KFC has sued several Chinese companies over rumors being spread on social media.

Three Chinese companies have posted claims about the global chicken restaurant operator, including one stating it has sold eight-legged chickens with six wings.

KFC has sued Shanxi Weilukuang Technology, Taiyuan Zero Point Technology and Yingchenanzhi Success and Culture Communication for sharing approximately 4,000 messages that the restaurant claims are false and damaging to its reputation.

The social media controversy is not the first damaging blow for KFC in China. Last year, parent company Yum Brands was reeling after an undercover video showed a supplier for the company using tainted meat.

KFC isn't letting the social media scandal go lightly. The company is suing for 1.5 million yuan (or $242,000) and an apology from each company involved.

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