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KFC Stands For 'Kenyan Fried Chicken'

Kenya has seen a rise in its middle class, and American fast food outlets have taken notice.

The largest hurdle with getting American fast food restaurants into Kenya had been the supply chain -- how to ensure ingredients were kept to standards set by KFC's parent company, Yum Brands Inc. Kenyan chicken supplier, Kenchic, made extensive changes to meet the quality control standards, including keeping chicken cold "from farm to fork."

Kenya has other fast food restaurants, including South Africa's Steers, Pizza Inn and Chicken Inn.

Nairobi's KFC was greeted enthusiastically, with long lines and customers waiting up to 90 minutes.

Yum Brands also sponsors an annual World Hunger Campaign raising awareness for volunteerism and support for the World Food Programme. (Also, notice the Free Rice button at the bottom of the Yum Brands' page.) In 2010, $24.5 million was raised for the WFP and other relief agencies.

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