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Indiana Wineries, Potato Leek Soup, Ball Jars, Drones

Catawba grapes

It's easy for me to talk to anybody anyplace in this country and say, we were founded by the Ball family of the Ball Jar, because so far I've never met anybody who doesn't know what a Ball Jar is.

Karen Vincent works with Ball Jars at her job in Muncie, Indiana. We learn about the history of the ‘First Family of Food Preservation' with Traditional Arts Indiana.

Using drones as a way to peek inside industrial livestock operations. Harvest Public Media tells us how farmers are reacting.

The My Farm Roots series introduces us to growers across the country. Today, we travel to Colorado.

In Indiana, it's cooperation over competition amongst Hoosier winemakers.

And for our meal, a soup that uses potatoes, leeks and something special from the woods.

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