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In China, Quarantine Challenges Cooks To Get Clever

Stir-fried mantou buns with cumin and chili.

Stir-fried mantou buns with cumin and chili. Food bloggers Stephanie Li and Christopher Thomas have eaten the small steamed bread often while on lockdown during the coronavirus outbreak. They had been working on a recipe for the buns before the virus hit, so they had a large supply of the ingredients. "Wanted a new way to finish it up, so stir frying it is," they wrote on their food blog. (Stephanie Li and Christopher Thomas/Chinese Cooking Demystified)

As cities across China remain on quarantine lockdown to contain the spread of the new coronavirus, the epidemic is testing the country's ability to get food to its citizens.

Restaurants and cafes have been closed since the end of January, leaving grocery stores as one of the few options for buying food. With families encouraged, or sometimes forced, to stay at home, supplies are often hoarded. Shipments of food from other cities across China take time, as many places have closed off roads.

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