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Warning: That Cone Could Be Habit-Forming

ice cream

Diminishing Returns

Jonesing for a scoop of ice cream? You could be addicted.

Researchers at Oregon Research Institute recently analyzed the neurological response of 151 adolescents to eating Häagen-Dazs milkshakes. What the scientists discovered -- with the help of fMRI technology -- is that regions of the brain responsible for enjoyment became less active with each dose of rich, chocolatey goodness.

Like Crack?

Alarmingly, this tendency parallels the diminished pleasure drug users experience as their synapses numb to the presence of habit-forming substances. It is this desensitization that drives addicts to consume in ever-increasing amounts.

While the jury is still out over whether or not people can be truly hooked on sugary and fatty foods, these findings might give consumers more reason to avoid the frozen desserts aisle.

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