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Hot Blooded: Three Perspectives On Chile Peppers


You know, this isn't just about obesity and diabetes. If you look at some of the most debilitating diseases on the planet -- depression, anxiety, dementia -- there's a clear data signal that dietary pattern, eating a better, healthier whole foods diet, really decreases your risk.

Psychiatrist Drew Ramsey felt as though that particular message wasn't getting out there, so he wrote his book The Happiness Diet. He'll be here to talk about foods that keep us alert.

We focus on chile peppers in the second half of our show. Kurt Michael Friese explores how climate change is wreaking havoc on chile peppers and the farmers who grow them.

Chef Daniel Orr preserves some chiles peppers from his garden to enjoy once the summer has gone.

He also makes a sun tea with a bunch of herbs picked fresh from his garden.

And, Harvest Public Media goes foraging!

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