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A Little Honey, Honey - Hunter's Honey Farm

Honey Bees by nikonvscanon on flickr

Photo: nikonvscanon/Flickr

An Ancient Product

Honey is an ancient product that was extremely important from pre-historic times up through World War II.

Sadly we Americans have been taking the easier and cheaper way out for the past 60 years. Sugar beets and High Fructose corn syrup have become a Sugar Fix. They are sweeter and less time consuming to produce, not to mention they put a lot more "junk in our trunks."

Honey Is Healthy!

The more I learn about honey and all the varieties the more passionate I become. I guess I'm getting sweeter in my old age. Today we speak to Tracy Hunter from Hunters bee farm about the different season varieties of this sticky pleasure from Tulip Poplar to Wild Flower to Buckwheat. Remember, Honey, there's a season for every honey…honey. And I'm feeling sweeter already.

Tracy and Christina of Hunter's Honey Farm

Hunter's Honey Farm has been making honey in Indiana since 1910, that's some four generations of Hunter's. It's not just about the honey and the hive for them. They sell everything from bee pollen to royal jelly to the bees themselves.

"Bee pollen contains 96 nutrients," Tracy said. "It's a more complete protein than red meat. Your body can live off water and bee pollen."

They also take these raw products and transform them into of additional foodstuffs, including:

  • Honey sauces
  • Honey caramel corn
  • Honey puffs
  • Honey roll-ups
  • Honey beef jerky
  • Honey dog treats

And, if you're suffering from arthritis, Tracy has a solution: get stung! Bee venom has anticoagulant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Learn More: Find out more about bees and honey on the Hunter's Honey Farm website.

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