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Homemade Easter Treats: Chocolate Eggs

cream eggs

My favorite Easter candies growing up were definitely the giant hollow bunnies and Cadbury Eggs. Like most kids, I ate the ears off the bunny first and saved those eggs well into summer. They were a once-a-year treat, and I knew I'd have to wait what felt like a lifetime to get more.

But now that I'm an adult, I realized I could probably make my own delicious 'Cadbury Eggs.' After scouring the internet for inspiration, I tried a few recipes. Some were utter failures; others had mixed results.

This is a synthesis of the best ones. Brace yourselves, the process is pretty involved. I recommend doing things in smaller batches to make the endeavor more manageable. (If you're not sure how or why to temper chocolate, David Lebovitz provides a great tutorial.)

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