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Home Cooks Now Search Google With Ease

Will Google now become the go-to site for everything recipe related?

Its new recipe view search function makes it easier for people to search specifically for recipes, and it might make sites like All Recipies and Food Network up the ante. The new tab on the left-hand side allows for searchers to type in the name of an ingredient or dish.

Making Search Work For You

Let's say you were looking for a chili recipe.

If you were to type in the word "chili" directly into the search box, you would get over 82 million results including hits for Chili's Grill & Bar Restaurant and the history of chili on Wikipedia. But now if you type "chili" and then click on the "Recipes" section, you will get over 1 million results of just recipes including "The Best Chili You Will Ever Taste."

When the recipe results pop up you will see a display picture, starred reviews, cooking length, and calorie counts. You can also detail your search even more by clicking yes or no to ingredients that are traditionally in recipes. For instance, click "yes" to chicken but "no" to salsa in a taco recipe.

Recipes For Special Events

The new toolbar is also making it easier to plan the perfect holiday meal for all kinds of events. If you type in St. Patrick's Day, you get over 200,000 results ranging from St. Patrick's Day shortbread to Shamrock Pretzels.

They also have ideas for food items at a baby shower including Pink Baby Shower Punch and Baby Rattle Cupcakes.

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