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Holiday Cocktail: Cranberry Apple Shake-Up

cranberry apple shake-up

I'm moving from the kitchen to the bar today!

Part of what I love about being a chef (and bartender!) is entertaining my guests, especially over the holidays. This interactive cocktail will get conversations started as revelers do the shaking themselves. I especially love using Ball jars as glasses, not just because they come with their own screw-on lids, but because they give an especially homey feeling to my get-togethers!

You can create any kind of shake-up cocktail using this basic premise -- fill a Ball jar with fresh ingredients and local spirits. Just make sure the lids close tightly on the jars so when your guests start to shake, the cocktails don't decorate their holiday best!

This recipe tastes like a cranberry apple martini. What kind of shake-up cocktail will you create?

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