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Hellmann's Creates Vegan 'Mayo'

Egg salad

Remember when Hellmann's sued vegan mayo brand Just Mayo? They've changed their tune.

Unilever, parent company of the mayo giant Hellmann's, has announced they would create their own egg-free version of mayonnaise, but they won't be calling it as such.

Hellmann's "Carefully Crafted Dressing and Sandwich Spread" sidesteps the name "mayo," a term they took issue with when Hampton Creek tried two years ago to market Just Mayo.

Hellmann's eventually dropped the lawsuit, stating Just Mayo could take the issue to industry groups.

So why the change of heart (and recipe)?

Unilever argues it is only giving its customers what they want -- choice.

For their part, Hampton Creek welcomes the competition, stating it would "help create a bigger market for plant-based alternatives."

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