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Heirloom Tomato And Tomatillo Tart

tomato tomatillo tart

My organic gardens have been producing a vibrant array of heirloom tomatoes and tomatillos this summer. Zucchini, cucumbers, beans and eggplants are coming in, too, giving me the inspiration for many flavorful dishes.

New Combinations

Along with my vegetables, I've also enjoyed mixing fresh herbs to create new tastes.

My favorite homegrown herb this year is lemon verbena. It smells of lemon candy, and I've found that it brightens dishes with a burst of flavor.

I decided to use it to compliment fresh tomatoes and tomatillos in little creamy tarts.

Crusts And Fillings

After making a simple pâte brisée, I added about half a cup of freshly grated pecorino romano cheese to the dough.

I think next time for a more savory crust, I'd like to make it with pork lard instead of butter and add a few herbs. It's one of the things I love about making tarts – you can add any fresh vegetable or herb you have available to create your own flavors. It's so much fun!

To finish off my tart, I filled it with a creamy egg filling that set perfectly in the oven.

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