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Healing Power Of Honey

honey on a spoon

Helps The Medicine Go Down

Ever since my kids were young, I have always been told that raw honey was full of nutritional benefits. A spoonful of honey can treat a mild cough and I have always put a little of it in their tea when they were sick.

Honey is a 100 percent pure and natural sweetener made and stored in honeycombs by honeybees. More than one million tons of honey are produced worldwide every year.

I recently decided to investigate if the benefits of honey were documented anywhere and was overwhelmed by the amount of research on it. Honey is generally thought of as a great source of nutrients, but you'd be amazed how great it truly is.

Three-Times The Benefits

Honey is hygroscopic, which means when it's exposed to the air, it will naturally absorb moisture. This is good for treating open wounds because it will keep the skin moist and encourage the skin to create new tissue.

Honey is antibacterial. The enzymes in honey can help promote the health of the body's digestive system, relieve constipation and promote the best use of ones' metabolism. Before antibiotics were invented, honey was used to cure many symptoms of the common cold.

Honey is a source of antioxidants. Researchers at the University of Illinois found that dark honey, such as honey made from buckwheat, seems to possess more antioxidants than the light color varieties. This trait is especially great for children as their bodies learn to fight against different ailments.

A Mother's Secret Tool

As the chief medical personnel of our household, I use honey in the following ways:

  • A teaspoon of honey right before bed if anyone is suffering from a cough from the common cold.
  • A teaspoon of honey if our kids complain of a sore or scratchy throat. Honey will smooth that irritating discomfort caused from inflammation in the throat.
  • Playing outside tends to bring some scratches from time to time. Dabbing honey on the wound can help it heal faster than with tradition medicine.

The key to the above remedies is to use honey as soon as the symptoms show up. Also, be careful when using honey with children; remember it should not be given to children under the age of one because it can cause food poisoning.

Besides the health uses, we also add honey to several of our dishes as a natural sweetener. It's great on fruit smoothies, and in our baked beans, as a glaze when we grill, and of course in our tea.

Let us know if you are using honey in your diet on a regular basis. Leave a comment with the health benefits that you have seen.

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