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New Guidelines Ensure Humane Treatment Of Livestock

The USDA announced new guidelines for humane treatment of animals at federally-run facilities.

The new guidelines include that handling and slaughter be done to minimize "excitement, pain, injury or discomfort."

Most importantly, the guidelines define "egregious inhumane treatment" which includes "any act or condition that results in severe harm to animals." Excessive beating, prodding, stunning or other activities causing severe pain to animals is not allowed.

Grist's Tom Laskawy says the USDA was responding to undercover video taken in slaughterhouses. While the meat industry pushed for the films to become illegal, the cases brought attention to the conditions in federal facilities. That's where the USDA stepped in.

Food and Safety Inspection Services (FSIS) has also created 24 new positions to enforce the new guidelines.

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  • USDA Announces Directive to Improve Humane Handling Enforcement Measures to Ensure Consistent Treatment of Livestock (USDA)

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