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7 Ways To Keep A Green Diet This Winter Season


Photo: Jan Tik (flickr)

The thought of eating local can be especially daunting this time of year, at least here in the Midwest.

With many markets closed for the winter and a limited supply of seasonal foods, locally grown fruits and veggies are harder to come by.

A few months back, Collin Dunn of Planet Green made a list of 7 ways to keep green this winter. While it may be a little late in the season to implement some of these steps into your daily diet, many of them can be applied to all four seasons! Remember, it's never too late to "go green."

7 Tips For Eating Green

  1. Plan ahead and preserve the harvest
  2. Keep growing your own garden/foods

  3. Scavenge the neighborhood for food
  4. Behold the power of super foods
  5. Dig the roots
  6. Try new things
  7. Salad, Salad, Salad!

To learn more about each of these tips, check out Dunn's full article...

Read More: Top 7 Ways to Keeping It Green This Winter by Colin Dunn (Planet Green)

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