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Every Good School Day Starts With A Good Breakfast

kid eating cereal for breakfast

Most Important Meal Of The Day

Kids will love the caramelized brown sugar on top of our Grapefruit Brûlée, but adults will enjoy the Griottine cherries. These seedless, sour cherries are soaked in a Brandy syrup.

Cook these Steel Cut Oats the night before and leave it in the pan on the stove. In the morning, the only steps remaining are to reheat the oats and apply the garnish of pecans and orange zest.

What's For Lunch?

Last month, First Lady Michelle Obama unveiled the most sweeping changes to school lunch standards in 15 years. These new guidelines include more fruits and vegetables, more whole grains, a gradual reduction of sodium over the next ten years, limiting milk to no more than one percent fat and a ban on most trans fats. Many critics applauded the move as a major step forward -- even if pizza is still a vegetable.

Over the next few weeks, Earth Eats will take a look at the school lunch program through the eyes of three people who live with it every day. Today, we speak with an especially tech-savvy mom.

Mimi Ito is an academic with a food habit. As Professor in Residence at the University of California Irvine, she studies how social media and mobile technologies shape our everyday lives. As the mother an 11-year-old and a 13-year-old, she is her family's resident cook, preparing lunches for her kids to take to school. She documents the lunches on her bento blog, a Flickr account that includes photos of the meals along with a description.

A Reclusive Delicacy

Hunting for truffles can be a lucrative business as they commonly sell for $1000 per pound, but finding them is a trick -- their growth is considered a rare natural phenomenon found primarily in France and Italy, and you generally need to employ the skills of a pig to find them.

Folks in Oregon are trying to show that truffles can be planted, managed and harvested just like any other agricultural crop. Chef Daniel Orr went on a field trip to Eugene, Oregon to attend the annual Oregon Truffle Festival.

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