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Global Food Habits, Visually


Want to see how your part of the country stacks up in terms of healthy eating habits with the rest of the United States -- or even the world?

There's an app for that.

Virtually Healthy

Massive Health has created a massively interesting infographic describing data they collected using the Eatery app for smartphones. Users can click photos of their food and share with the community to determine what's healthy and what isn't.

Massive Health says the app is designed to change habits versus simply counting calories. Then they use the collected data to create a visual map of the world's eating habits throughout the day.

Crunching The Number

The United States is generally more red than Europe, meaning more people are eating less healthfully more often.

Other facts collected by Massive Health support that people who skip breakfast are more likely to over consume, and -- how's this for a piece of trivia -- San Franciscans eat 3.4 times more cashews.

One major drawback is all the data is collected from smartphones, meaning the data is limited by technology and those with the means to use it.

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