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Foraging For Cattails, Garden Tower, Salmon On The Grill


I think we've really gotten away from our roots as foragers because we want everything now.

That's Chef Daniel Orr reporting from his power boat. Later in the program we'll go foraging for cattails with him on a lake in Columbus, Indiana.

As farmers market season revs up across the country, more and more fresh produce is starting to make appearances. But it's still too early for a lot of foods. Luckily many vendors at the Bloomington, Indiana Community Farmers Market are selling starter plants so you can grow your own bushel of tomatoes come July and August.

Imagine combining your gardening with your composting. You do it all in one place. It's portable. It doesn't smell, and in a lot of ways, it actually works more efficiently than a traditional in-ground garden. The Garden Tower is trying to be all those things for folks wanting to grow their own food.

Our author interview this week is with Paul Kindstedt. His new book Cheese And Culture: A History Of Cheese And Its Place In Western Civilization is perfect for all you history buffs.

Finally, last week's grilling episode was so fun, we wanted to keep that going this week. We have a recipe for salmon cooked on a grill on a cedar plank -- delicious!

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