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Food Trucks To The Rescue

Nothing beats fresh produce when it comes to healthy eating. However many Americans don't have access to fresh food due to food deserts.

Challenges Getting Healthy Foods To Those In Need

A food desert can be any settlement, rural or urban, with a population of which at least 20 percent is in poverty, and 33 percent live without a supermarket or large grocery store nearby.

There are 13.5 million people affected by food deserts, as this map shows.

Fresh Food Comes To You

So what can be done about this dilemma? Enter the food truck.

Yes, food trucks aren't just for the late night munchies or those looking to grab a quick lunch bite.

Garden on the Go delivers fresh produce in Indiana's Marion County Wednesday-Saturday weekly. It stops at places like housing projects and senior centers, and patrons can pay with food stamps.

The mobile grocery service has been in operation since May and recently served its 5,000th customer.

Other states offer mobile grocery services as well, like New York City's Holton Farms and Maine's Mobile Farm Stand.

Watch Garden on the Go's video below, featuring Indiana University Health's Ron Stiver:

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