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Food And Energy, Homebrew Kits As Gifts, Got Eggplant

Food is energy, it's just converted into a different form. I mean, when we eat a salad, we're consuming diesel, and we're consuming electricity, and we're consuming nuclear energy. It's an energy industry.

We visit various parts of the food system to try to understand how much fuel and power goes into producing what we eat.

It's gnocchi with butternut squash on the menu with Daniel Orr. Then, we knock out one last eggplant recipe before winter takes hold.

A couple stories for the holidays… Christmas tree farmers are putting money behind a program to promote their fresh-cut tree over the plastic versions.

And, giving the gift of a first-timers beer brewing kit. We'll talk to some people who've watched the trendiness of homebrewing ebb and flow over the years.

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