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On Food and Connection, Earth Eats Talks With Alton Brown


Alton Brown, Food Network star, cookbook author and host of the food science show, Good Eats, is on tour with an action-packed culinary variety show called Alton Brown Eat Your Science. Brown will be here in Bloomington Indiana on November 12, and I spoke with him on the phone a few weeks ago.

He talked about the show, and what to expect, but we also got to talking about the power of food to build connection, and how that power is helped or hindered by social media, and food-as-a-spectator-sport.

He also talks about how #ABRoadEats is like a first date with the town he's visiting while on tour. It's an opportunity for people to share what they love about their "edible community." You can share your favorite Bloomington coffee shop, breakfast place, lunch spot & late night eatery at #ABRoadEatsBMG.

Full transcript of interview coming soon.


Also on this week's show, from Harvest Public Media, how a labor shortage in agriculture has industry leaders now pushing for a guest worker program for immigrants, and how farmers can protect bees from harmful chemicals.

All that plus a snappy recipe for green beans from FARM Bloomington Restaurant.


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