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Five-Spice Pork Skewers And Sauteed Green Beans

Pork Skewers with noodles and vegetables

The Heat Can't Keep Me Away

You are really serious about grilling if you're braving the heat these days, donning your apron, and heading outside to stand over a hot grill. I know this because in the midst of a heat advisory, I am grilling more than ever before!

I have a short list of things that I have never been successful at making on the grill, so this summer I am trying my hand at making pizza's with fresh dough, grilling fruit (that doesn't end up sticking), and even making a cake in my old cast iron skillet.

Asian Flavors

Sometimes I just get in a rut and nothing really sounds good. My family is the same way so instead of eating out on this particular night, I made something a little different.

I am not good at incorporating Asian flavors into our meals, but this time I was successful and made something that we all loved! If I had known how much we would like it, I would have doubled it.

If you leave the meat on the skewers, your kids will like having dinner presented to them in a little different way. I used metal ones this time to avoid the dreaded 'bamboo burn' that I get when I forget to soak them before hand.

Cheap, Local, Tasty

Making this even better was the fact that I bought almost all of the ingredients for dinner at the farmers market. The crisp green beans and the pork tenderloin from Simpsons Farm Market in Martinsville were two of my great purchases that day.

I served these pork skewers on a bed of whole wheat Soba noodles that you can find at most grocery stores, but you can also serve over Linguine or rice. Add a side of sauteed green beans or broccoli and this is a dinner even your pickiest eater will love.

This dinner is easy on the pocketbook as well. With a few pantry items you may already have, you can make this for under ten dollars.

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