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A Farmer And Her Chef, Dairy Farms On The Move, The "O" Word

dairy cow in a field

Most people just say chemical-free. Some people say natural, but natural is really even more deflated than organic, so I don't really like using natural. Or eco-grown, you could use that term.

How does a farm describe itself when it's not allowed to use the word "organic?" Michael Hicks of Living Roots Ecovillage talks about his path to farming and why he chose to not get his farm certified organic with the USDA.

A couple stories from Harvest Public Media this week about dairies in California being lured to Midwestern states.

A couple recipes using raw veggies with Chef Daniel Orr.

Gluten-free baked goods should be just as good as the regular stuff, so says author Nicole Hunn.

And the relationship between a small farmer and her chef customer.

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