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Farm Fresh Arepas

arepas on verdigris tabletop

Freshest Around

Living in the city, it is easy to forget what really fresh produce looks like. Last week I visited friends who live and work on a piece of land in Bosque Farms, New Mexico. It is a small organic farm sponsored by CSA members that fills many good homes with the freshest onions, garlic, carrots, peppers and greens around.

When given the opportunity, I love to cook for people hosting me and always try to make something out of the ordinary. This was my second consecutive year making arepas for these sunburnt New Mexican hands, and the little pockets were slathered in hot sauces and enjoyed with a bright salad of greens and nuts.

Cheap, Easy, Delicious

Arepas are gluten-free, Venezuelan cakes made with pre-cooked corn flour. I fell in love with them at Caracas, a great New York restaurant that welcomed vegan substitutions like Leek Jardinera, Plantains and Beans, and Grilled Tofu onto their otherwise meaty and cheesy menu.

It turns out arepas are easy and inexpensive to make at home. Just fill with any veggies you have around and serve to hungry mouths. I loaded one batch with a mixture of fresh leeks, onions and sundried tomatoes and another with black beans, avocado and sweet potato.

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