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Fancy Food Show Forecasts Future In Food Trends


What's next on grocery store shelves? The 2012 Winter Fancy Food Show has a peek into the future of cutting edge.

One thing is clear -- salt isn't a simple table seasoning.

Sweet and salty is big, with sea-salt caramel and salted chocolate. Artisan salts, like smoked or Himalayan, add the final special touch to a dish.

Ketchup caught up to mustard, with special gourmet varieties cropping up.

Gluten-free gets even more respect with pastas, breads, crackers, cereals and pancakes.

Finally, if pre-made food isn't enough, now you can make your own with do-it-yourself kits. DIY cheese and butter kits are popular, but so are complete dishes, like pies.

What do you forecast to be the next fancy food? Share in the comments below!

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