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Elderly Man On Hunger Strike Arrested At WV State Capitol

the appalachian mountains with fall tree colors

Photo: Radio Rover (flickr)

81-year-old Roland Micklem was arrested yesterday outside of West Virginia's State Capitol building.

His "beef" with the state? Micklem is protesting the mining of mountaintops, which occurs throughout the Appalachian mountains.

Another Form Of Pollution

Mountaintop mining not only damages the mountains themselves, but also pollutes the valleys and waterways below. Over 800 miles of rivers and streams have already been polluted by the mining, which also effects the health of area communities.

When arrested, Micklem held a sign reading:

I am fasting over the destruction of the mountains and the warped priorities of a society that allow it to continue. This is not a protest, but an act of mouning for the mountains and all of God's Creation that has been abused to satisfy the selfish wants of humanity. My presence here will remind our public servants of their responsibility to help end this abuse.

Micklem was arrested on a warrant for trespassing that dates back to October 10th.

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